Asiana First Class Flight(Seoul to New York)

by Mike on April 10, 2012

Asiana 777 at ICN

Asiana 777 at ICN

OZ222 4/4/12
Depart 10:00 Arrive 10:45
Duration 12 hours 50 minutes

I was arrive at Incheon airport early so check in was a breeze.  My complaint about Asiana is the lack of a dedicated security screening for premium class passengers.   I mean if you’re flying first class or business, you shouldn’t have to wait in long lines.  Right?

I mentioned this to an Asiana agent and she walked me over to another entrance through security.  So, I made it through that line without waiting, but was confronted with another line at passport control.  Again, no dedicated lines here for premium class passengers.

Passport control in Incheon exercises a multi-line multi-server system where if you pick the wrong line with someone failing to clear passport control in timely manner, you’re going to be waiting and waiting.  I much prefer the single-line multi-server to avoid this.  Nevertheless I made it through passport control.


Asiana First Class Lounge Seoul

Asiana First Class Lounge in Seoul

The lounge is clean and nicely stocked with variety of food, beverages, and lounging areas.  I had a quick breakfast consisting of French toast and dumplings.  I know the combination doesn’t sound appealing for breakfast, but it sufficed.

Spread at Asiana First Class Lounge in Seoul

Spread at the Asiana First Class Lounge in Seoul

Spread at Asiana First Class Lounge in Seoul

Spread at the Asiana First Class Lounge in Seoul

Spread at Asiana First Class Lounge in Seoul

Ice Cream and Coffee at the Asiana First Class Lounge in Seoul

Alcohol Selection in the Asiana First Class Lounge

Alcohol Selection in the Asiana First Class Lounge

Spread in the Asiana First Class Lounge

Spread in the Asiana First Class Lounge

I intentionally stayed up late the night before so that I could sleep during the flight to New York.  Needless to say I was pretty tired, but I didn’t want to sleep in the sleeping rooms, so I headed off to these other rooms with massage chairs.

After deciphering the Japanese controls, I finally figured out how to turn it on.  I wouldn’t recommend the massage chairs, as they were awkward.  Not relaxing by any means.

Massage chairs in Asiana First Class Lounge

Massage chairs in the Asiana First Class Lounge

Controls for the massage chair

Controls for the massage chair

Massage Chair in the Asiana First Class Lounge

Massage Chair in the Asiana First Class Lounge

I then made way back to the main area and grabbed a seat on the sofas nearest to the tarmac.  I checked my e-mail and browsed the web with a soda in hand.

When it came time to board, an Asiana agent found me and escorted me to the gate where she assisted me in bypassing the queue for the secondary screening check as we’re all accustomed to with any flight going to the U.S.


Out of the 8 seats in first class, only 4 seats were occupied.  I had seat 2K, which is starboard side AFT – in my own corner.

Asiana First Class Seat

Asiana First Class Seat

PJ's, amenity kit, and headphones Asiana First Class ICN-JFK

PJ's, amenity kit, and headphones

The flight attendant handed out the amenity kit, slippers, and pajamas.  For what it’s worth, I normally wear a size medium in U.S. sizes I asked for a Large for the PJ’s and they fit fine.  The PJ’s weren’t any fancy name brand, but they were comfortable.  The headphones were the Bose, but I can’t recall the specific model number.  My only grip about the headphone was that the cover to the right ear kept falling off.

For dinner, I had a choice between Korean and Western.  I went with the Western as I ate a lot of Asian type food during my trip.  So I figured that the western meal would be a nice change.

hors d'oeuvres on Asiana First Class

hors d'oeuvres on Asiana First Class

Caviar Asiana First Class

Caviar in Asiana First Class

Salmon Main Course Asiana First Class

Salmon for the Main Course

After Lunch, I changed into my PJ’s and to get some sleep.

The Flight Attendant came over and made my bed where she came over with a duvet, blanket, and a pillow.  The duvet wasn’t as thick as a Lufthansa First class, but it sufficed.

Turn down service Asiana First Class

My bed

I slept for about 5 hours before I woke up.  I felt a bit hungry and asked the flight attendant for some fruit.

Midnight Snack on Asiana First Class

Midnight Snack

After the “mid-night” snack I dozed off for a few more hours.

Breakfast consisted of pastries, fruit, yogurt, cereal, and the main course consisting of sausage and eggs.

Asiana First Class Mixed Fruit

Mixed Fruit

Yogurt on Asiana First Class

Yogurt, don't mind the mess, I split a little milk when I was pouring it into my cereal

Breakfast on Asiana First Class


Asiana gives a gift to its First Class passengers.  One of the flight attendants came up to me with a cart right before arrival for me to choose.

Asiana First Class Gift

Gift from Asiana First Class

Business Card Holder from Asiana First Class

Business Card holder, it can hold about 5 credit cards

My choices were an iPhone 4, Galaxy S2 case, or some contemporary Korean Music CD.  None of the items appealed to me because I don’t have an iPhone 4 nor a Galaxy S2.   I had no interest in the CD.  I asked if she had a passport holder or if First Class passengers from JFK-ICN would have a different selection of gifts.  She said she might have a cardholder, which could be useful for all my credit cards.  She came back and showed me the card holder and I accepted it.

Shortly after the gifts were distributed, the inflight entertainment system was shut off and it was almost time to land.

Asiana First Class Seat 2k on a 777-200ER

Almost Home

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marc February 3, 2017 at 5:37 am

Great detailed review and nice pictures. I took an Asiana flight from ICN to ORD and it was told there was no first class on the 777, only business. I had seat 1A and my ticket read “business class”. It looked exactly like your seat in a 1-2-1 configuration and there was a different business class with a 2-3-2 configuration behind the curtains of 8 seat section I was in, with vastly different “business class” seats. When I asked the flight attendant if I was in first class, she said no, “this is a special enhanced business class section” in addition to me and my mother, there was only 1 other passenger up front with us.


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