Easter Island: Part 2- The Adventure

This place is a long way out of the way, but I finally made it. The first day, I was really anxious to… [more]

Easter Island: Part 2- The AdventureEaster Island: Part 2- The Adventure

Cycling Across the World, Starting Line: London

Nearly everyone I met abroad travelled from one city to another by the “standby” modes of transportation,… [more]

Cycling Across the World, Starting Line: LondonCycling Across the World, Starting Line: London

Baseball in Japan: A Different Fan Experience

It was a humid Sunday afternoon in Tokyo and I was scheduling my day around attending a baseball game… [more]

Baseball in Japan: A Different Fan ExperienceBaseball in Japan: A Different Fan Experience

Crossfit Affiliate Visit: Chikara Crossfit in Tokyo, Japan

UPDATE: The location of this box has moved. Please check out their website CF Chikara for more details. One… [more]

Crossfit Affiliate Visit: Chikara Crossfit in Tokyo, JapanCrossfit Affiliate Visit: Chikara Crossfit in Tokyo, Japan

A View from the Trail: The Everest Base Camp Trek Experience

The Everest Base Camp (EBC) is a strenuous trek that doesn’t require any technical skills or equipment. … [more]

A View from the Trail: The Everest Base Camp Trek ExperienceA View from the Trail: The Everest Base Camp Trek Experience

A Year in Travel: 2016 Edition

by Mike on January 8, 2017

2016 Travel Summary

Most of this year’s travel was done in the first part of the year. I rang in the new year in South Africa, where I spent a month kite surfing. I was around the Langebann area where I stayed in a communal kite house with other like-minded people who were there just to kite surf.

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Kite Surfing in the Dominican Republic

by Mike on August 19, 2016

Kites flying on Cabarete Bay

Most of my time was spent in Cabarate, which is located along the Northern Coast of the Dominican Republic. It’s a pretty popular tourist spot so there are loads of hotels, condos and restaurants scattered along the beach. Some foreigners make their residences there; others visit often almost making it a second home. The Kite […]

How I Set the Height of My Hiking Poles

May 30, 2016
Using trekking poles

The time I spent in New Zealand, I had the opportunity to hike three of the popular Great Walks the Country has to offer. The most popular is the Milford Track where the huts are booked 8 months in advance. The huts provided the cooking stove and a padded bunk, everything else including garbage had […]

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A Year in Travel: 2015 Edition

May 24, 2016
2015 Flight path

I flew almost 160,000 miles, which is close to two weeks worth of flying. That’s a lot of time spent in a metal tube! I was really fortunate that I’ve spent the vast majority of the Northern Winter months in the Southern Hemisphere. Had I been home, I would have been shoveling a lot of snow. […]

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My Experience with Outdoor Equipment Warranty Service

March 8, 2016
Hiking in South America Torres Del Paine

I’m the guy the type of guy that spends the money and buys the better outdoor equipment and clothing. That being said, I take of my equipment and don’t abuse it. On the two recent trips to South America and New Zealand, two of my items in the following picture broke while in use. The […]

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Learning a New Skill

February 2, 2016
Langebaan, South Africa

I spent a good part of January in Langebaan, South Africa , which is located about an hour and a half north of Cape Town. I chose to visit this spot because it’s one of the best places in the world to learn kite boarding with flat waters, constant(not gusty) winds, and many accommodations conducive […]

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VIEW FROM THE TRAIL: Milford Track in New Zealand

December 15, 2015
View from the Mackinnon Pass Milford Track

The most popular track out of all the Great Walks in New Zealand is the Milford Track. There’s a multi-day walk, which consists of 3-nights or one could opt to do just the day walk from the Milford Sound. I personally feel that day walk is not worth it because you miss the highlight of […]

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Torres Del Paine “W” Circuit Trek

November 23, 2015
At Los Miradores Torres Del Paine National Park

The 5-day “W” circuit is the more popular trek that most visitors hike on a visit to Torres Del Paine(TDP). In contrast, the “O” circuit is the longer 9-day hike around the entire national park. My visit to TDP was late September, which coincides with the southern hemisphere winter to spring transition. The weather was […]

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I Have a Section in a Book

September 1, 2015
Hope Rx

I was contacted a few months ago and asked to submit what I thought would be a worthwhile inspirational story for an upcoming book. So I wrote a story based on the interactions with the people I met through this blog and with the athlete and coaches I’ve met at each local Crossfit affiliate. My […]

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My Thoughts About Visiting the Northern Most Community in the World

August 23, 2015
Svalbard Location

Recently, I visited Longyearbyen, which lies at 78 degrees North and considered the Northern most community in the world. Upon Landing at the tiny airport, the view consisted of sharp jagged mountains with virtually no trees to be seen anywhere. There were patches of snow in the higher elevations. Needless to the say, the weather […]

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