808 Crossfit Visit

by Mike on May 11, 2011

On my latest trip, I hit a few WOD’s at 808 Crossfit located in Honolulu, HI.  The owner of the affiliate, Elyse Umeda, was really cool.  In fact, she was the only one that replied my e-mail before I dropped in.  Now, I don’t think that a lack of an e-mail response indicates a poorly run place (they could have been super busy), but it’s just my preference to confirm that it’s “okay” to drop in.

Elyse and I posing after a WOD

There were a good number of members who showed up to classes I attended, but I never felt crowded.  There were plenty of space and equipment to go around.  Here are some members posing after we hit “Cindy.”

The are code of Hawaii is 808, hence the name 808 Crossfit.  Their tag line is unique and can resonate with just about anyone:  “You can have result or excuses, not both.”  I could made of ton of excuses to sit on the beach and drink mai tai, but results are better. If you’re vacationing in Hawaii, at least make one trip to a Crossfit affiliate.

I know there are a few CF affiliates in Honolulu and some visitors to the island will have some uncertainty in which one to choose.   Despite 808 Crossfit being located a little bit further away from Waikiki, I can assure you that your trip to 808 Crossfit will be worth it.   Elyse will be there and welcome you.  If I remember correctly, she started her affiliate in February of this year(2011) and she already has a strong member base.  In addition to that, she gets a ton of visitors from out of town.  Drop by her box, she’ll probably remember the visit with a group photo on her blog.

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