A Year in Travel: 2012 Edition

by Mike on December 31, 2012

Every December as the year winds down, I summarize my travels from the course of the year.  Reflecting back on 2012 in terms of travel, it was great.

2012 flights

Flights flown for 2012

I welcomed in 2012 in Santiago Chile on way back from Easter Island, sadly I don’t have any pictures from their version of the ball drop.

I took my first loop around the world originating in New York, transiting through Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, and the Far East before returning to New York.

It wasn’t a true around the world ticket in the sense of a multi stop itinerary, but a simple round trip itinerary to South East Asia that transited over the Atlantic Ocean and back around the Pacific.  Built into the itinerary were several 24 hour or so stops along the way, which is technically a connection not a stopover, thus allowing me to explore the city.

During the around the world adventure, I played tourist and a teacher for a day.

Later on the in the year, I took some domestic trips to the West Coast during to visit friends and to attend my cousins wedding.  After that, I was off to Bali!  But first I completed my PADI open water certification prior to my Bali trip.

With the certification in hand, I jumped right into the open water dives rather than studying for quizzes like some tourists were.  Note to anyone out there, planning ahead makes efficient of time.

Bali Shoreline in Amed

Amed Shoreline

I took a quick trip to Paris to meet up with some folks I met on the road and my buddy Jeffrey who was stopping over en route to Thailand.  I made use of the trip and finished my Christmas shopping in Paris.  Items from overseas make for great gifts and I’m sure my friends and family were grateful for the gifts.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Another notable was my first time flying up front in International First.  All I have to say, it “wow!”  What an experience with your own lie flat seat, pajamas, caviar, and a great meal service.  It was truly a unique flying experience that set the far for future first class flights.

Lufthansa First Class EWR-FRA

Lufthansa First Class flight


A mistake fare popped up during the middle of the year, the only catch was that the flight had to originate from Rangoon, Myanmar.  I took advantage of this and purchased a one way ticket from Myanmar to North America in early 2013.

Now, I just have to figure out how to get myself to Myanmar.


I introduced iflywithmiles.com, a service assisting travelers use their frequent flyer miles.   I’ve had several paying clients who were more than satisfied with my service.  If you need help putting together an international itinerary, don’t hesitate to reach out.

What are your travel plans for the new year?

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