Amy Clover’s 30×30 Project

by Mike on August 5, 2013

Saturday Morning of the World Domination Summit, Amy Clover was completing her last stop of her 30×30 Project.  Portland was a fitting stop considering that’s where inspiration for her 30×30 project all started.

Last year at the 2012 World Domination Summit, Chris Guillebeau gave every attendee $100 to invest in a project worthwhile pursuing.  Amy, given her past decided to start her 30x 30 project to tour 30 different cities to host a fitness boot camp.

Amy Clover's 30x30 project at World Domination Summit

Her goal was to raise money and awareness for To Write Love On Her Arms, a worthwhile charity that helps the depressed and suicidal – situations that Amy has experienced during her high school years.

After seeking help for her emotions, Amy found fitness as an outlet for her repressed feelings and really started to change things around for the better.  I’m glad she did.  I’ve only known Amy virtually until finally meeting on her last boot camp of her tour hosted at the spacious Crossfit Portland.  Her smile is bigger in real life and is the most distinguishable feature as I was able to immediately recognize her at a social event the night before theboot camp.

Her personality is full of energy, something you want in a fitness instructor and more importantly as an ambassador to the charity To Write Love On Her Arms.  She serves as a great role model for others who are dealing with the challenges that Amy has faced to inspire other to do the same.


There was a good turnout for the boot camp especially for a Saturday morning after a rocking social event.  I’m sure Amy was inspired to have all those folks show up!

The morning began with Amy introducing herself and telling her story.  Right after that, we jumped right into things, starting with some step aerobics like movements to loosen things up.  Amy mentioned that her morning routine would be crosfit-ized meaning it would involve some callisthenic method found in Crossfit.  And she held to her word and there were some movements where one would have to hold their body weight up in such a way it was working the abs and glutes.

Amy was also joined by other bloggers and fitness enthusiast such as Steve Kamp from Nerd Fitness and Joel Runyon from Impossiblehq.

Each of one them had a chance to demonstrate a movement at the end.  As a contest, whoever completed the most repetitions(honor system) within a minute won a free T-shirt from Strong Inside Out(Amy’s blog).  I have to admit the movements were all upper body focused and by the last one, my arms and chest were extremely fatigued.

In the end it was all fun.  Everyone was high fiving and fist bumping for finishing and showing up for Amy’s final stop.  The hardest part about working out is just showing up.  I’m bet that Amy is extremely gracious for all the support.  I wish I could create something that’s inspiring and meaningful as Amy.

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