Crossfit 42 South Visit – Almost the Most Southern Affiliate in the World

by Mike on April 18, 2014

With about a week or so in the Island State of Tasmania, I wanted to hit a WOD so that I can say I’ve been to almost the most Southern Crossfit affiliate in the world.

Crossfit 42 degrees South

Crossfit 42 degrees South

There are other cities that lie further south. Queenstown, New Zealand for example lies at 45 degrees south and I don’t think there’s any CF affiliates in Ushuaia, Argentina, which lies at 53 degrees south.

So I had to settle with Crossfit 42 degrees south, which is how it gets it name.

The affiliate gets enough drop-in visitors to have a “visiting crossfitters” link on their blog.

I ringed up the affiliate and left a message indicating my desire to visit. About 10 or 15 minutes later, I received a call from Drummond.

On the phone, I expressed my interest to drop in for one of the early afternoon classes and I began to explain my experience with Crossfit. He was more than willing to accommodate me.

Front Desk at Crossfit 42 degrees South

Front Desk

Rules at Crossfit 42 degrees South

Rules to abide by

I showed up early to sign the waiver, which was done all on the iPad.

Wavier at Crossfit 42 degrees South


Drummond went around and showed me his box pointing out the things that make his box unique.

In one corner there’s the standard cubby storage for your gym bag along with a few sofas.

cubbys at Crossfit 42 degrees South


In the same corner, there’s a coffee machine where you could get a cup for $2 AUD. The fridge is well stocked with bottled water for $2 AUD. There’s an option for a post WOD beers for $5 AUD. Australia is a bit more expensive than most standards so those prices are actually very reasonable. I’ll write a separate post about how expensive Australia is.

Crossfit 42 degrees South refrigerator


Overall, the facility is clean and seems to be really well maintained. Despite having a little bit of gravel driveway just outside the garage, I’m surprised by the lack of dust and dirt inside.

benches at Crossfit 42 degrees South


WOD area at Crossfit 42 degrees South

WOD area

jump ropes at Crossfit 42 degrees South

Jump ropes

pull up bars at Crossfit 42 degrees South

pull up bars

Rowers at Crossfit 42 degrees South


Post WOD beer Crossfit 42 degrees South

Post WOD beer

Showers at Crossfit 42 degrees South


PR board at Crossfit 42 degrees South

PR board

On my visits there were several drop-ins, which are denoted by the “V” next to the name on the WOD board.

WOD board at Crossfit 42 degrees South

WOD board

The WOD consisted of:

25 min AMRAP

  • 50 double unders
  • 70m farmers carry 15kg
  • 20 kettle bell swings

“C’mon mate”, “you got it” with an Australian accent was constantly yelled out as the 25 minutes was running down.  If you have to spew, they have a dedicated bucket for that.

Spew Bucket at Crossfit 42 degrees South

Spew bucket

I really struggled with the farmers carry because I couldn’t really grip my fingers around the ridges of the plate. On the third and 4th rounds, I was struggling just to pick up the plates.

I finished with 4 rd and 40 meters.

On my subsequent visit, we did Elizabeth, which consisted of


  • Squat cleans 60 kg(scaled to 50kg for me)
  • Ring digs

I finished with a time of 10:22. It was taxing on my legs on the set of 15.

Drummond was running the show on this day. I loved his enthusiasm with how he conducts his classes. If you complete a WOD under a certain time, he’s got a special surprise for you for not pushing yourself hard enough with weights. There’s a time cap on the WOD because of the classes that follow immediately after.


The affiliate is easy to walk to from downtown Hobart. I walked there with no troubles.

Additionally, this is probably one of the few affiliates that have photos with landmarks to make it easier for first time visitors.

Although, this landmark wasn’t posted online, I found this sign on the sidewalk during my first visit.

Crossfit 42 degrees South

Sign out in front of Crossfit 42 degrees South

This sign wasn’t posted every time I was there, I’m assuming they only place the sign when the WOD entails running.

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