Crossfit Asphodel Visit in Hong Kong

by Mike on October 5, 2012

Asphodel, the greek underworld or something along those lines.  That’s what I can recall Alex Ashley, one of the coaches telling me.  My mind wasn’t too clear after Saturday morning’s WOD because I was really out of it.  I landed the previous afternoon from NYC.  I think the combination of jet lag and the lack of substance in my stomach made for the perfect storm to leave my extremely fatigued.  My head was pounding and my hearing seemed like it was fading in and out with the rhythm.  The culprit of my pains was the following team WOD:

  • 2000 meter row
  • 100 over head Squats
  • 100 push press
  • 100 burpees
  • 2000 meter row

Each team had three members and could break it up however we desired.   I was teamed up with Mark and Sam.

Crossfit Asphodel in Hong Kong

My teammates for the team WOD in Hong Kong

I managed to regain my focus after the WOD to stumble into a Starbucks on the street level.  There, I ordered a mango fruit passion drink and immediately felt my body consuming all the nutritional content from the sip.  If you’re wondering why I headed for the Starbucks, I wanted to order a Chocolate smoothie with the skinny mocha, thus providing me a quick pick me-up with its whey protein.  The Starbucks, however, didn’t have it and I’m not surprised as many stores outside the U.S. lacks this from its menu.

This affiliate reminds me a lot of Crossfit Hub in Singapore with it’s location not on the ground floor, but rather in a high rise building.  The warehouse appearance of CF Asphodel fool you, the inside is spacious and does have decent bathrooms and locker rooms.

Crossfit Asphodel in Hong Kong



Crossfit Asphodel in Hong Kong



Crossfit Asphodel in Hong Kong



This was the first time someone actually recognized me from my blog.  He recognized me from my write-up about Crossfit Gangnam.  You can read about that post here.


Get off the Tai Koo metro stop on Hong Kong Island Line.   Use Exit “A1” and the Wah Ha Factory Building is directly in front of you.  CF Asphodel is on the 11th floor of the building.

Crossfit Asphodel in Hong Kong Location and Directions

Directions to Crossfit Asphodel in Hong Kong

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