Crossfit Hub(Singapore) Visit

by Mike on April 8, 2012

There’s several Crossft affiliates operating in Singapore and my first choice was to visit the largest one, Cossfit Singapore.  However, my visit was there foiled because they were holding level 1 certification classes.  So, instead, they referred me to Crossfit Hub, another affiliate in Singapore.

Crossfit Hub in Singapore, picture of owner and operator

Yun(Owner) and I

I contacted them about dropping in and their response time was super.  I received an e-mail almost hours later, confirming my date and time.  Though, they initially stated a discrepancy in their date and time, i.e. Sunday March 24th vice Sunday March 25th.  The problem was quickly resolved and an appointment was confirmed.

This box is actually pretty easy to find, it’s located 2 minutes from the Tai Seng metro stop.  The box isn’t on the ground floor, but instead on the seventh floor.  With dropping heavy weights, it’s hard to imagine how other tenants have not complained.

Crossfit Hub in Singapore

View from the 7th floor at Crossfit Hub

Now, the entire building is an industrial building complex where the building is just an array of loading docks and other manufacturing activities.  So the sound of weights slamming is probably just undistinguisable background noise amongst the other the industrial activity.

The space is small, but ample for the number of athletes.  They did manage to haul up a few tractor tires, though I can’t see where they can make use of the tires on the 7th floor.   I guess they can just flip the tires back and forth in their space.

During my visit, I hit the 12.5 Open WOD.  Though, it’s not the same without my usual cheering crew at my home affiliate.

Crossfit Hub in Singapore

Pull-Up bars at Crossfit Hub

Although, it wasn’t my first choice in affiliates in Singapore, I can say I was pleased with my visits.  There was a few expats in attendance besides the locals.  The class was conducted in English, which is not surprising since English is one of Singapore’s official languages.

I’ve been to some affiliates abroad where the sessions are only conducted in native tongue.  This does make it a bit challenging to se what’s going on, but you can quickly get the idea of the WOD.

The next time I’m in Singapore, I’ll make my way to CF Singapore(the other affiliate) and report back.

Crossfit Hub in Singapore

Picture of their box from the back wall


Crossfit Hub in Singapore

Another Picture of their Box

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CIndy February 15, 2013 at 3:46 am

Just happened to stumble upon this blog. I am a hubber and a frequent traveler so I check out the local CrossFit when I am on the road as well. The Hub has moved and its now bigger and better! Still around the Tai Seng area so come by and visit again the next time you are in town.


Mike February 15, 2013 at 11:20 am

Cindy, I did manage to drop in at the new location last time I was in Singapore. I wrote about it here.

I’m in Singpore right now and would love to drop in, but I don’t think the timing would work out.


CIndy February 21, 2013 at 7:56 am

What a coincidence. Nice meeting you the other day. Have fun in Myanmar!


Shawn December 4, 2013 at 3:23 am

Hope you had a great stay in Singapore!

Next time you are back, drop by CrossFit Fire City, the box I train in! :)


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