Crossfit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

by Mike on July 2, 2013

I originally intended to do a drop in visit at Crossfit Vidatha, but they advised me they would be away and closed during my short stay in Kuala Lumpur.   Instead, they suggested visiting another box called Pushmore.

Outside of Pushmore Kuala Lumpur

Outside of Pushmore Kuala Lumpur

After sending the initial e-mail to Pushmore, I received a timely response with directions to their box.  So that was a welcoming sign.


My adventure to the box was quite the experience.  The box is located a solid 22 km outside of the city center and with no metro stop that conveniently takes you there, your only option is a taxi.

Given my short time in Kuala Lumpur, I was unaware of how bad the traffic is especially around rush hour(5-7p).  Without knowing this, I started my cab journey around 5p and didn’t arrive until 6:30p.  Needless to say the cab fare was higher than it would cost without traffic, but the fare was still not terribly expensive since cabs are cheap in Kuala Lumpur.

When 5 or 6 cab drivers turned me away when I was hailing a cab down in front of my hotel, I should have taken that as an indication of the trouble to come.  Initially, I was kind of confused why they turned me away.  After all, isn’t that how cab drivers make money, the drive people places for a fare?

Finally, one cab driver agreed to take me there when I showed him the address. What was even more comforting was the cab driver knew exactly where the complex was so that variable was eliminated.

About 10 minutes into the cab ride, I realized why other cabbies turned me away, the traffic is just terrible – I was lucky to be rolling along at a snails pace.


If you want to find your way there, you want to find Block B of the Merchant Square.  I like landmarks as part of directions so when you see the Media Hotel, that’s where you want to turn in and go towards the back as that’s where block B is.

Google maps actually does a good job with showing where the location of Pushmore is, in fact it actually shows you the business name on their maps.  The problem is finding a cab driver willing you to take you there.


I was hoping to get there for the 6pm session, but traffic diverted me to the 7pm class.  So plan accordingly.

Pushmore Box Kuala Lumpur

Pushmore Box Kuala Lumpur

The class was very structured.  I signed my obligatory waiver and was shown their standard warm-up routine.  If I had my own warm-up, I could stick with that.  The WODs start promptly, which is the way it should be so that there’s no overrun into subsequent classes.

Greg showing some pointers Pushmore Kuala Lumpur

Greg showing some pointers

Wodding in Kuala Lumpur

Wodding in Kuala Lumpur

The entire class consisted of:

3 minute cumulative L-sit

5 rounds

1 min front squat 50kg
1 min ring row
1 min rest

WOD at Pushmore Kuala Lumpur

WOD at Pushmore Kuala Lumpur

Anytime in South East Asia, the workouts are even more taxing due to the high humidity.  It just feels like wearing an extra layer of clothing when you don’t need it.

I finished the WOD with the following results:

1:  15, 16
2:  14, 16
3:  14, 13
4:  12, 13
5:  12, 14

Total of 139 reps

Since I took a cab to Pushmore, I had to catch a cab back.  Pey, one of the coachs, took the initiative and arranged a cab to pick me up in front.  Talk about concierge service!

Pey at Crossfit Pushmore

Coach Pey arranged the taxi for my return back to my hotel

100 Plus, the gatorade of Asia

Drinking a 100 Plus, the Gatorade of Asia

If you want to visit, I would highly suggest to drop-in for one of the later classes if you’re coming from the city center.  The next time I roll through KUL, I’m going to try CF Vidatha.  Stay tuned…

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