Crossfit Lourve in Paris

by Mike on July 15, 2013

On my previous visit to Paris, I dropped in at the only box I knew of in the city.  Since then, a commenter pointed me to another box, Crossfit Lourve located in the heart of Paris.

With two days in Paris, I managed to find time to drop in at both “The Original Crossfit Addicts” and Crossfit Lourve.  The latter is located much closer to my hotel.  In fact, it was walking distance.

Crossfit Lourve Paris

Crossfit Lourve Paris

I stopped in Crossfit Lourve one morning and inquired about dropping in for a WOD later that afternoon.  They were more than willing to accommodate me for one of the scheduled sessions all for the cost of 25 euros(their drop-in fee as of this date).  I told them I would be back for either the 4:30p or 5:15p session

After a day of walking around the city, I ended up dropping in for the 4:30pm class.  There were about 14 or so people at that session.  The coach running the show was the friendly and fit, Melanie or Mel for short.

One interesting thing she did was pass around name tags for each athlete to wear.  This was something I’ve never seen before at any affiliate.  At Crossfit Portland, the name game was introduced before the session, but never any physical form of name tags.  I appreciate the efforts for any coach to ensure a supportive community.

Crossfit Lourve Name Tags

Crossfit Lourve Name Tags

Mel spoke French throughout the stretching routine and the WOD.  Despite the language gap, someone experienced with the CF movements should be able to understand what’s going on.

Mel, however, did approach me after specifically to confirm that I understood what was going on, which I definitely did appreciate.   I found some affiliates are completely indifferent about foreigners understanding the routine.   I realize this could be a function of the coach running the session rather than the affiliate itself.

That WOD for that day was:

  •  100 double unders
  • 50 wall balls 20lbs
  • 30 chest to bar
  • 100 double unders

There was a 10-minute time cap on the WOD.  I didn’t finish it within the allocated time. I had 98 double unders left.  I could of finished the WOD within a reasonable time without a time limit.

Crossfit Lourve fun picture

Crossfit Lourve post WOD

Afterwards there was a short mobility sessions in the up stairs while the next session was just underway.


When you think Paris or Europe in General, you think small hotel room and small bathrooms.  Well, this box isn’t small at the same time it isn’t huge like some other facilities.  I can see the size of the class out growing itself pretty quickly.  During my session, we had two heats for the WOD because of space and equipment constraints.  I would imagine the early morning or mid-afternoon sessions would have few people in attendance.  A good way to go about planning your day would be to WOD early in the morning before any of the tourist sites open so that you’ll get a work out in while you’re not missing any of the tourist sights with your family/friends.

Crossfit Lourve Paris Retail Space

Crossfit Lourve Paris Retail Space

The box does have nice locker rooms and showers in the basement.  The lockers come with locks so there’s no need to bring your own.

Crossfit Lourve Paris - pictures of other affiliate T's

Affiliate T’s

The rowers and GHD machines are up-stairs.  It’s not exactly a second story, but a loft like platform that provides additional floor space.

Crossfit Lourve Loft Space

Crossfit Lourve Loft Space

Immediately on the right after entering the box, there’s retail shelves and hangers with Reebok gear and apparel.  The morning I stopped in to inquire about dropping in, I ran into a couple visiting from the states who were also WOD.  They were there to buy some apparel and were considering working out the following day.


If you’re staying in the ever so popular La Place Vendome area, it’s a 10-minute walk away.

If you’re coming from the Metro, you want to get off at the “Lourve-Rivoli” stop located off Line #1 and walk North until you hit Rue Étienne Marcel.

Crossfit Lourve Paris Directions

Crossfit Lourve Paris Directions

Look for this store front:

Crossfit Lourve Paris Front Door

Crossfit Lourve Paris Front Door

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