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by Mike on April 27, 2014

I first contacted this affiliate via e-mail and was directed to their “Visiting?” tab where they outline their requirements and link to “book a session.

I booked sessions on a day-by-day basis when my schedule permitted. Since it was the week before Easter weekend, the 5:15pm class was fairly light. The class sizes during my visit never exceeded 6 out of the 13 possible for my visits.

I showed up early and filled out their waiver form.

Crossfit Melbourne CBD

Waiver form

Part of the reason for the limit to 13 people is because the WOD space is on a rooftop. At first, it may seem like a novelty to work out on a rooftop, but there are some major downsides.

During my visits, the weather was comfortable with no precipitation. Although, about two-thirds of the roof covered with a canopy, it still does not shelter the WOD space from low temperatures. When it gets cold, you’ll be WODding outside and that can take away from the novelty.

roof top at Crossfit Melbourne CBD

WOD area

WOD area at Crossfit Melbourne CBD

WOD area

Crossfit Melbourne CBD


Crossfit Melbourne CBD

pull up bars

Secondly, whenever the WOD entails a run, specifically a 400 meter run, stairs climbs will be part of the work out. There’s no way around this with the limited space on a roof top.

On my visit we did Nicole, which consisted of:

  • 20 min AMRAP
  • 400-meter run of the China Town Run
  • Max pull-up

The run involves going down several flights of stairs towards the back alleyway. From there, you run towards a pillar in China Town, which is where the run gets its name.

whiteboard Crossfit Melbourne CBD


Since flights of stairs are involved, the run is shorter than 400 meters. Additionally, the alley is the most not pleasant smelling, in which case, I can see the odor pushing folks over the edge to yarf while WODding.

The run is called the China Town run because you traverse through the back alley and tag a monument in China Town.

On my other visit, the WOD consisted of:

For time:

  • 30-20-10
  • Back squats
  • 20-15-10
  • Hand stand push-ups

Finding wall space for handstand was quite challenging since you’re on a roof top.  They’re making provisions currently to create wall space specifically for hand stand pushups.


The box is located on a rooftop, which adds the element of weather, but on a cool fall afternoon, it’s an ideal place to work out.

Crossfit Melbourne CBD


Crossfit Melbourne CBD

Office and rower space

There’s only one bathroom. There’ no real shower, just an out door faucet with a showerhead so there’s no real privacy to take a shower.

There’s an indoor space where the desk, cubby and changing are located.


The box is really conveniently located if you’re staying at one of the major hotels in the CBD. I think the Marriott hotel is the closest one to the box.

Map location of Crossfit Melbourne CBD

Map location

This is the front entrance to get to the roof top from the street.

Crossfit Melbourne CBD

Front entrance to Crossfit Melbourne CBD

Once inside, you want to head straight back, but DO NOT get in the elevator. Just before the elevator, there’s a wooden door that leads to a stairway. You have to go up the stairs to get to the rooftop.   The stairs are a nice little pre warm-up routine for the members.

Crossfit Melbourne CBD

Door way leading to stairway

Crossfit Melbourne CBD

Signs in the stairwell to Crossfit Melbourne CBD

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