Crossfit Munich Visit

by Mike on March 26, 2012

My biggest take away visiting this affiliate is the obscure location.  I was walking around the general vicinity of the affiliate for a good half hour before finding the place. To best describe the general area, picture a popular clubbing or night club area at 4 PM in the afternoon, throw in some unpaved parking lots, a barely paved side road leading up to this area and you’ll probably have the same sense of isolation that I felt

I was in a completed deserted area, nothing was open, and not a soul was in sight to ask for directions or to ask where they might know of a place that people workout since not many people have heard of Crossfit.

With that all said, I kept second guessing myself whether or not I was in the right place despite google maps telling me otherwise.  I trusted Google and made a turn down a path just big enough for a car where on one side was a fence and the other side was the front of the building.  After walking about half way down the path, I found a small printed sign “CROSSFIT MUNICH”

Crossfit Munich on the second floor

Crossfit Munich

I was relieved to find the sign for some reassurance that I was close because upon entering the door adjacent to the sign, it didn’t produce the same visuals of a normal affiliate, i.e. box jumps, pull up bars, you get the picture.  Instead, upon entering the building, it lead to a stairwell, where the actual gym was on the second floor, which seems very surprising given the fact that WOD’s often entailing dropping (heavy) weights.

After finally finding the place, I was pleased to meet Sebastian who would be judging me for the Crossfit Open WOD 12.4

Despite arriving on a trans Atlantic flight on the same day, I wasn’t feeling the affects of jet lag.  I warmed up a bit and hit the WOD.

Crossfit Munich, Open WOD 12.4,

Where I did the deed for 12.4

I wasn’t too pleased with my performance.  I know I struggle with double-unders after any cardiovascular movement, but I should have been able to complete 10 or 20 reps with the (little) time remaining.  This is something I’ll definitely need to improve on.

I’m glad I was able to attempt Open WOD 12.4 in Munich as one of the Coaches, Daniel who I’ve been corresponding with made nearly last minute arrangements to have a judge available on Friday afternoon.

Crossfit Munich on the second floor

Crossfit Munich

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