Crossfit Original Addicts Paris – Part Deux

by Mike on July 11, 2013

Most sane people after a 12-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur would have seen it as a good enough reason to forego wodding that day.  But after afternoon nap, I was feeling energetic enough to tackle a WOD.

Crossfit Original Addicts

PR’s at Crossfit Original Addicts

I headed over to The Original Crossfit Addicts in Paris for their 5 pm session.  This wasn’t my first time there so I knew the owner and he welcomed me anytime I was in town.

The WOD I hit was Helen, which consisted of:

3 round for time:

400m run
21 kettle bells(24kg)
12 pull-ups

My time was 11:15

My legs were sore from the front squats in Kuala Lumpur.  So I focused on an upper body strength routine and decided on a 3×5 strength of push-press sets.

After that, I pretty much called it quits.  I headed back to my hotel.


The box has not moved so the directions remain unchanged.  It’s still located off the Avron metro stop on Line No.2.  Plan about 30 minutes for the sub way ride.

There’s a grocery store conveniently located next to the box so you can buy some water or snacks before or after you WOD.

The only thing that’s changed is the signage out in front. So look for this store front:







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