Crossfit Pearl District Visit in Portland, Oregon

by Mike on July 9, 2012

Just out of pure coincidence, the airBnB rental I was staying in Portland was less than a 5-minute walk from the Crossfit Pearl District affiliate.  Literally, it’s the proverbial “a stones throw away.”  So I dropped in at this affiliate versus the other numerous other affiliates in town including Crossfit Portland.

This affiliate is unique because unlike other boxes where they’re usually located in industrial park areas on the outskirts of town, this affiliate is actually located in pretty cool, hip area that jives well with the ambiance of what Portland is.

To elaborate, the Pearl District is home to several different brew houses, restaurants, boutique shops, which is an unusual surrounding for a CF affiliate.  To understand why this has become you have to understand that the Pearl Distract was occupied by a litter of warehouses back in the days.

Today, most of these warehouses have been converted to lofts or restaurants.  There is still some light industrial work in a few warehouses, but it’s hardly noticeable.  With Crossfit Pearl District occupying one these warehouse type building amongst the other local restaurants, lofts, it puts itself in a prime location for a pre-dinner/pub-crawl work out.   I know it may not align well for those on paleo.

Since I was only a blow away, I walked here, if you’re staying near downtown, it’s definitely walkable.  If you’re feeling lazy and want to take a car, you should really reconsider.   A walk would make for a nice warm-up.  Parking is available, but only on the streets, and it maybe metered.


The sole owner, Jeff runs this facility full-time and he’ll most likely run the class if you ever visit.  During my WOD, which consisted of:


  • 1 rep max of Thrusters
  • 5×1 of 90% of the 1 rep max thrusters


15 min AMRAP

  • 5 thrusters
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 double unders
Jeff was able to pick out some flexibility problems in my chest and should which prohibited me from keeping the bar aligned above my shoulders.  To compensate, I kept arching my back, which isn’t technically correct form.  I need to gain more flexibility in my shoulder to open them up.  Here’s some pictures from the affiliate:
Crossfit Pearl District in Portland, Oregon

White Board showing WODs from the previous 7 days - A cool thing, but something I rarely see at CF affiliatesCrossfit Pearl District

Crossfit Pearl District in Portland, Oregon

Crossfit Pearl District

Crossfit Pearl District in Portland, Oregon

Crossfit Pearl District

Another unique aspect about this affiliate is they have each member write their goal on a whiteboard to kind of keep everyone accountable towards their personal fitness goal.

Crossfit Pearl District in Portland Oregon

Everyone's Goals on a Whiteboard

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