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by Mike on May 5, 2014

When I visited the CF Sydney’s website, I was confused as to why the classes start every half hour.  To me, this implied that classes were a half hour long where the norm is an hour long.

Crossfit Sydney

Crossfit Sydney

I e-mailed the affiliate and asked about dropping in and they were quick to respond: “most welcome” and, “any group session is fine.”   I didn’t ask why the classes started every half hour in the e-mail.

Crossfit Sydney

Session times

I made my mind to join the 5 pm class. I was running a bit late, but their super easy one signature waiver made it a quick process to join the 5 pm class.

Crossfit Sydney wavier


In the midst of warming up(jump ropes), I was interrupted to pay for the session.  Never have I ever visited a Crosffit affiliate that was so adamant about paying as to interrupt someone just to ensure that they paid.  What annoyed me even more was that guy that insisted on paying was still around after my session was finished so he could have easily said “we’ll square up after class,” which I think would have been more proper than interrupting me during warm-ups.

Crossfit Sydney session

Session in progree

While the 5 pm session was going on, in another area, the 4:30pm class was in the midst of their session with another coach.  So this explains why classes are every half hour.  The start of each class is offset by a half hour with a different coach running each class.  When that coach finished with their class, they immediate run the next session.

Crossfit Sydney warm up

Warm up

This is nice because it gives you the choice of joining any class either on the hour or half past the hour.  I’ve never seen this kind of schedule before, but it’s a way to accommodate a lot of members with a limited number of coaches.

The WOD consisted of:

  • 4×200 meter run with a 1-min rest between reach rep
  • 3-3-3 hang cleans
  • 2-2-2-2 push-press
  • 5 min EMOM
  • 6x clean and press
Crossfit Sydney WOD Board

WOD Board

Rene was the coach running the show.  She ran through the specific warm-up routine displayed on the board followed up by the WOD.

Although it’s not displayed on the WOD board, there’s another set of drills to promote mobility after the WOD.  Not too many affiliates have a mobility drills after a work out, it’s usually optional.  I definitely like this is one aspect I really need to work on.


Friday April 25th was ANZAC day, which is the equivalent of Memorial day in the U.S. where the honor military service members.  Given the occasion, the WOD for that day was “Murph.”

I managed to finish the WOD without the 10kg vest in just under an hour at 57:33.

I understand that CF affiliates are a business and need money to keep the doors open. The only gripe I have with this affiliate is that during my visit,


The facility is quite well equipped.  The box does have showers and a dedicated locker room to change in.

There’s lifting stations in the middle of the box where other members were strictly working on Olympic lifting.

Crossfit Sydney post WOD care area

Post WOD core area

Crossfit Sydney lifting station

lifting station

Crossfit Sydney lifting station

Lifting station

Crossfit Sydney WOD area

WOD area

Crossfit Sydney WOD area

WOD area


This affiliate is located in South Sydney.  From Circular Key, where most of the Western Chain hotels(Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Four Seasons) are, the best way to get there is to take the 309 bus and get of at Botany Rd and walk to McEvoy St, which is where McCauley St is off of.  The trip will take about 30 minutes.  It’s not a bad idea to budget a little more time.

Crossfit Sydney

Map Location

Crossfit Sydney Bus stop

Bus stop

Bus route and stop

Bus Route if you don’t have a car

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