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by Mike on August 14, 2011

If you’re on the road, chances are, you may have a hard time getting motivated to work out.  A reason may stem from the unknown equipment available to you at the hotel fitness center, thus skipping out on your daily dose of fitness.

Rather than rely on the availability of fitness equipment, an effective work out can be achieved from calisthenics movements such as push-ups and squats.

This is where the Crossfit Travel App from Agilevent really shines.  It’s a little box away from your box with movements your already familiar with.  Each WOD does NOT require any equipment at all.  The most planning required is the time needed for each WOD and whether you can approximate distances for running.

List of WOD's from the Crossfit Travel App

List of WOD's from the Crossfit Travel App

I’m not exactly sure why the WOD’s are divided into two categories, endurance and Timed.   It appears all the endurance WOD’s involve running and they can be either timed or not.  While the timed WOD’s involve the push-ups, burpees, and so on.

The CF Travel App does include a stopwatch and this may seem like a trivial feature after all nearly phones have this function, but the stopwatch on the CF Travel app displays the details of the WOD.   This is a nice feature because you won’t be needing to switch between the stopwatch and the app.

Crossfit App Stop Watch and WOD

The Crossfit App displays the WOD and the stopwatch simultaneously

I’m kind of surprised that the Crossfit Travel App cannot record your times. I would think this would be an easy feature to incorporate in a mobile app.   The app also failed to include a nice sort/search function to find a WOD’s particular to your wants.

In short, with the inability of these two functions, the Crossfit Travel App is a cute app version of a list of travel WOD’s that one can easily carry around in a form word document.  I’m hoping the next version will incorporate some of these functions.


  • A warm up routine to go along with the WOD
  • Currently displays the stopwatch and current WOD



  • The inability to record your time for each WOD
  • The lack of a sort function to find a particular WOD

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