Driving in a Foreign Country

by Mike on April 21, 2013

The other day, I saw a MINI Cooper just hanging out in parking.  Normally, one wouldn’t think anything of it, but the driver was learning how to drive manual transmission.

This reminded me of the first time I was taught to drive manual.  It was in preparation for a cross country road trip.  I was helping someone move their car to Washington State.  Thinking about it, having a novice manual transmission driver wouldn’t be the most ideal person to ride shotgun on a cross country trip.

In reality the timing is never right.  I was the only friend available to make the trip, but didn’t know how to drive stick shift.  We didn’t let this small details from stopping the adventure.

The urgency was to learn that new skill that hadn’t occurred before.  And looking back on the experience, it wasn’t that difficult.  Despite being a novice to driving stick shift, it wasn’t uncomfortable either.  It was mostly highway driving and I was pretty much in 5th gear or overdrive the vast majority of the time.

Had I not taken that cross country trip, I probably would have never learned to drive manual transmission nor would I have driven across country, an adventure of a lifetime that I would have missed out on!

Driving in Myanmar

Driving back from Mt Popa

Now years after that cross country trip, I haven’t forgotten how to drive manual.  Here’s me driving my tour guide’s Jeep(the same vehicle I drove across country) back from Mt. Popa to New Bagan.

This is probably one of the few times I’ve actually driven in a foreign country.

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