Easter Island : Part 1- Getting There

by Mike on December 28, 2011

For anyone that is unfamiliar with the geographic isolation of Easter Island, the tiny island is a five-hour flight due west of Santiago, Chile.  The most popular way to get there is to fly into Santiago and catch a flight on LAN airlines to Easter Island.  Alternatively, there’s a limited flight schedule on LAN Airlines from Lima, Peru to Easter Island.

Flight to SCL on LAN airlines

Flight to SCL on LAN airlines

In either case, because of its location and the fact that one airline has a monopoly on the route, a trip to Easter Island can be expensive.

Despite the expensive flight and remoteness of Easter Island, people still shell out their hard earned cash for a flight to visit the island, which is UNESCO world heritage site.

I won’t be spending too much time on Easter Island as the entire island consists of 163 sq/km or 63 sq/miles.  According to travel sites, the entire island can be seen in a few hours if one rents a car.  As the Fit World Traveler, the thought of renting a car has not even crossed my mind.  Instead, I plan on touring the island on a mountain bike.   I’ll see how that works out.

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