Hobart to Melbourne Flight

by Mike on April 20, 2014

I was able to book a Qantas economy class flight using British Airways miles because the two airlines belong to the One World Alliance.


British Airways uses a distance based redemption award chart.  This means that the distance between the city pair is what determine the amount of miles required for that redemption.

Hour Long flight to Melbourne from Hobart

Flight to Melbourne

The distance between Hobart(HBA) and Melbourne(MEL) is less than 650 miles; only 4,500 British Airways miles are needed for the redemption.  The taxes and fees amounted to a whopping $14.34 USD.

Avios Redemption on Qantas

BA Screenshot

Because of the distance based award chart, short haul flights are the best use of British Airways miles.

If the distance between a city pair were greater than 650 miles, but less than 1,150 miles, it would require 7,500 British Airways miles to redeem for a one-way economy class seat.  The next distance band would require 10,000 British Airways miles for a city pair falling between 1,151 and 2,000 miles apart.

Using British Airways miles on long haul flights – trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific flights – tends to get pricey in terms of miles because of the distance between the city pair.

For business or first class seats on long haul flights, it get cost prohibitively expensive using British Airways miles because the redemption rates are doubled that of an economy seat for business class and tripled for first class.

That’s the short crash course on British Airways miles.


I arrived about 1.5 hours before my flight departure time, which was plenty of time for the tiny Hobart airport.

I wanted to use a self check-in kiosk knowing that my carry on exceeded the allowable carry on weight requirement by 3 kgs.   With the absence of a self check-in kiosk, I reluctantly went to a live agent. I avoided any attention to my questionable bag by carrying it low and in one-hand showing that it was a fairly light bag.

The agent didn’t flinch when I replied “no” to the question of checking any bags. I was successful in evading the scale this time.

Boarding time came a half an hour before the schedule 9:00am departure.

I was sitting at the back of the bus in seat 28F, which was a window seat.

Qantas economy class seat

Qantas economy class seat

I fell asleep just prior to take off and woke when the flight attendants a distributed muffin and a beverage of my choice.

Muffin and Drink served on Qantas

Muffin and Drink

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