How I Managed to Hit Crossfit Open WOD 12.4 in Barcelona

by Mike on May 8, 2012

Today, I’m here to share a story of someone reaching out to me because I wrote a post about the lack of a Crossfit affiliate in Barcelona.  And because I wrote that post, I’ve received a lot of comments as to when an affiliate will open in the said city.  One of the commenters just happened to work at Reebok in Europe and we’ve exchanged some e-mails.  That’s was a while back ago.


Fast forward several months to a few days prior to the start of the Crossfit Open WOD, a crossfit enthusiast, Max from Stockholm, reached out and expressed his urgency to find an affiliate in Barcelona to be judged for the 12.4 WOD.  This guy was desperate, in fact, he contemplated that if all else failed, he could theoretically hit the 12.4 between 2 and 6 am in the morning – the time the 12.4 was announced and the time before his flight.  This guy was dedicated so was I to help him out.  He’s here to share his experience with Crossfit in Barcelona.


Enter Max from Stockholm, Sweden


My name is Max, I live in Stockholm, Wweden where I am doing a PhD in experimental gerontology, I graduated from med school a year ago. I am an enthustiastic Cross Fitter for the past year.  I workout and coach at




In the beginning of January I booked a trip to Barcelona to visit my old friend Torbjörn, he got a killer job at PWC and is now doing a masters in some economy-related-subject (not my area of expertise). What I didn’t plan for was that the workout 12.4 in the 2012 Reebok Crossfit Games Open would be released at 2 AM local time Sweden the morning of my departure and the deadline to register the result was 2 AM the day of my return.
Not a problem I thought, people in Barcelona must do Crossfit, right, so there should be plenty of boxes. I imagined just packing an extra T-shirt from my box and visit one of them. Did a quick google on “Crossfit Barcelona” just before going to the box that same day. No results. Wasn’t worried, until the next day. There is no box in Barcelona.


The closest one according to the affiliate-map on is in Zaragoza, around 3 hours trainride west. After several hours of vigorous searching on the inter web, I landed on a blogpost by Mike. A post dated nov 2011 by Mike said that it was “coming soon”. I quickly emailed Mike explaining my problem and wondered if he had any updates. To my surprise he answered the very next day (not to overdose on the Kool Aid, but CF-community really is pretty cool). There was no official box in Barcelona yet, but he knew a guy…


Fast forward to 16th of may. I arrived the day before, did my carboloading in the form of beer, cava, white wine and tapas. Boosted my recovery with just under six hours of sleep and got on the train with my friend. We were going to find the Reebok Europe Product Creation Center where Don most graciously had welcomed me to do the WOD in their staff-box. The train took about one hour, we then had a nice 20 minutes of walk up-hill in the rising sun when suddenly we see this;
Crossfit Trailer Box at Crossfit Barcelona

Crossfit Trailer box

Reebok Office In Europe in Spain

Reebok Office In Europe

Don was in a meeting but came right out and showed us the “Box”. It was the biggest empty garage I have ever seen.  All the equipment was there, very stoked indeed!
The obligatory T-shirt-trade and kodak moment.
Group shot at Crossfit Barcelona

Don and me

After raising the bar on the pulluprigg to the highest level and adjusting the rings so that I could do the muscle-ups without kicking the floor or hitting my head I started to warm up.
Crossfit Barcelona Location

Setting Up for the 12.4 Open WOD in the basement

12.4 was a 12 min AMRAP of:
  • 150 Wallballs, 20 lb ball, 10′ target
  • 90 Double Unders
  • 30 Muscle Ups
I had never done Karen (150 wallballs for time) but knew that leg-strength still was my weakness. Double unders was “in the bag”. I had a PR on 30 MU at 4:56, but was not sure I would get to the rings…


The wallballs killed me. I got plenty of no reps for not hitting my target. Depth was not a problem as I was pretty much ass-to-concrete each time I caught the ball. After 9:10 I moved on to the rope, with legs shaking and cramping. 120 gruesome seconds later I went to the rings cursing and wondering where my rope-skills had gone. Fueled by the shouts from my judging friend I banged out 10 MU in 50 seconds for a final score of 240 reps, which gave me 215th place in Europe for that workout.

I recovered with some carbs:-)
Crossfit Barcelona post 12.4

Me recovering with some carbs

Back at Dons office to return the key-card he was still sporting the Crossfit Solid t-shirt at his meeting, very proud! He gave us some goodies from the production line, very happy!
The rest of my very nice weekend in Barcelona I had a funny walk, and some serious pain.

A big Thank You to Mike and Don for all the help!

I finished 148 out of 3500 in the european open, our team finished 5th so I’ll be going to Copenhagen in the end of May to compete with our team at the regionals. The stage is set for more funny walking…
A box is opening up in Barcelona this month!
Thanks for sharing your Story!
Has anyone else been in a similar situation to be judged for an Open WOD?
On another note, it’s been rumored that Crossfit is coming to Barcelona very soon.  So, for all those people who are really anxious, it’s really going to happen.

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Joshua Raley May 9, 2012 at 5:27 am

Thats awesome to hear they’re finally getting a box. I was in Barcelona last summer en route to run with the bulls in Pamplona. I couldn’t believe they didn’t have one! What a cool story though, getting to work out at the Reebok facilities.


Mike May 9, 2012 at 9:39 pm

I thought it was a pretty cool story.


Don May 9, 2012 at 1:54 pm

Come back anytime.
Congrats on making it to the Regionals.


Joanna Gail May 11, 2012 at 12:59 am

What an awesome story! I’m heading to Barcelona in early July—any word on when the affiliate will open up?

I’m about to embark on an international adventure structured around visiting and working out in CrossFit boxes around the world and Spain is my first stop.

I’ve named it the Global WOD Project and if you’re interested, you can follow my progress here:


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