How Sugary Drinks Impacts My Glucose Levels

by Mike on June 11, 2015

Please do not construe this as medical advice or refined medical study. This is just a home brewed science experiment for my own personal knowledge.

I’m a healthy early 30’s male and I had access to a blood glucose level meter. So I experimented to see how sugary drinks affect my blood sugar level. I consume sugary drinks on a regular basis and wondered the affects it has on my blood sugar. Everyone’s metabolism is different and everyone has different routines where their caloric intake is processed differently.

Monster Energy Drink

Monster Energy Drink

I was simply curious with so I thought I give it a try and share my results for those that are interested.

Before I started any kind of consumption, I took a blood sugar measurement to obtain a baseline measurement after several hours of fasting. I determined that my blood sugar level was 95 mmol/L.

I gave myself 5 minutes to drink 330ml of Pepsi(not Diet Pepsi). Then I waited about 15 minutes without doing anything active. After the 15 minutes, my blood sugar measured in at 116 mmol/L.

The following week, I repeated this experiment with 330ml of Mountain Dew. I choose mountain because of its sugar and caffeine content. Once again, my baseline was 95 mmol/L. After drinking the 330ml of Mountain Dew in 5 minutes and sitting around for 15 minutes, my blood sugar measured 132 mmol/L. This is a notable jump from just the plain Pepsi.

A few weeks later, I repeated this experiment with a 500ml of Monster Energy Drink. Again the baseline measurement didn’t fluctuate much from 95 mmol/L. After drinking the 500ml of Monster in 5 minutes and sitting it out for 15 minutes, my blood sugar measured 129 mmol/L.

A week after my previous experiment, I repeated the same experiment with a 500ml of Monster Energy Drink. Once again the baseline didn’t fluctuate from the 95 mmol/L. After giving myself 5 minutes to drink the Monster drink, I did a 100 burpees during the 15-minutes instead of sitting around. My blood sugar measured 96 mmol/L.


Glucose Measurement after drinking sugary drinks

Table of Results


It was interesting to see how much activity was required to reduce my blood sugar level after consuming a 500ml of Monster Energy Drink. A 100 burpees is a lot to someone that’s never done burpees or isn’t physically active, especially if it has to be completed in 15 minutes. It’s also fair to say, since my metabolism is fairly high, the post burpee blood sugar level could have been reached by less physical activity. In another words, I may have not needed to do all the burpees. To be certain, I would need to repeat the experiment but reduce to the number of burpees to 50 to see how that affects the final blood sugar levels.

Medtronics Glucose Monitor

Medtronics Glucose Monitor

The blood sugar monitor I used was a Medtronic branded one with strips that accepts a tiny blood sampled from a self-inflicted needle prick. It’s very possible the device is out of calibration where the measurements may not be 100% accurate, but provide valid and credible results for this home brewed experiment. The glucose monitors default measurement was mmol/L, the other common unit is mg/dl.


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