Hyatt Bali

by Mike on October 10, 2012

To sum up this hotel – it’s a dated hotel with exceptional service.  Upon arrival, a greeter escorted me to tables specifically for registering guests.  Then almost in a choreographed fashion, another server brought over a fruit smoothie type drink.

I kindly smiled as I received the drink.  I don’t ever recall a hotel ever being this hospitable in welcoming registering guest.  I do have platinum status with the hotel, but I don’t think it had anything to do with this sort of welcome.

Hyatt Bali Welcome Drink

During this time, my passport and credit card details were kindly requested so that they can check me in while leaving me to enjoy my fruit smoothie.

After a few minutes, the key and welcome package showed up.  I politely asked for two keys because I’ve been in situations where one key fails to work only to end up returning to the front desk.  They couldn’t honor my request for reasons of security.

Hyatt Bali Reception Area

Hyatt Bali Reception Area

The bellhop then assisted to my room with my bags and showed me the amenities and features of my room.  I tipped him for his enthusiastic and friendly hospitality.

Hyatt Bali Garden View Room

Hyatt Bali King Bedroom

Hyatt Bali King Bedroom

I then walked around a bit to explore the hotel…

Hyatt Bali

The pools are inviting as the photos show.

Hyatt Bali Pools


Hyatt Bali Pools


Another noteworthy aspect is the security.  I’m guessing its beefed up in response to the bombings in Bali almost a decade ago.  The hotel entrance has two series of gates and each vehicle has to have it’s trunk inspected prior to entry.

And security doesn’t stop there.  At the entrance to the lobby, there’s a security guard searching your bags while you pass through an airport security like metal detector.  Throughout the hotel, there are security posts and roving guards.  Needless to say, it’s seems to be a secure hotel.



There’s a complimentary shuttle bus to the Grand Hyatt Bali, which is located about 45 minutes away.  By being a registered guest at the Hyatt Bali, one has access to all the facilities at the Grand Hyatt Bali.   I didn’t have time to visit the Grand Hyatt Bali, but to me, it’s a nice to benefit to be able to access all the nicer facilities at the Grand Hyatt.



The Bali Hyatt is located in Sanur, which is a 45-minute taxi ride from the main airport in Denpasar with traffic.  According to wikitravel, the going fixed price rates from the Airport the Sanur are is 95,000 IDR.  I ended up paying 100,000 IDR.  Don’t paying anything more than 120,000 IDR.  I was initially solicited offers for 200,000 IDR and I politely declined those.



Outside the hotel,it’s very touristy.  There are a slew of shops, spas, and restaurants to cater to tourist needs.  Taxi drivers driving along the will honk at you trying to get a fare ride from you.  It’s gets annoying quickly.  The Hyatt Bali is a great redemption for only 5,000 Gold Passport points.  I only stayed one night as I wanted to explore other quieter parts of Bali.



I’m having problems with the captions on my photos. I’ll add them once I get it squared away.


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Melissa October 10, 2012 at 4:18 am

A most excellent review! Thanks Mike :)


American Debt Project October 15, 2012 at 6:23 am

That looks incredible. Mike, you are a total inspiration. I love to see where you go and the new things that you discover. I did that for a while a few years back and now am in “work mode” without much of an off switch, but I hope to mix in more interesting travel with my work soon. Bali looks beautiful and it’s at the top of my destinations list…hopefully you got to check out some of the surf!!


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