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by Mike on September 1, 2015

I was contacted a few months ago and asked to submit what I thought would be a worthwhile inspirational story for an upcoming book.

So I wrote a story based on the interactions with the people I met through this blog and with the athlete and coaches I’ve met at each local Crossfit affiliate. My story focuses around why the Crossfit community feels compelled to help others within the community with their fitness goals. I feel this is especially true during the Crossfit Open Games.

My story is in the book, Hope Rx’d and it’s available for purchase as of the 1st of Sept from Amazon.

I’ve received a copy of the book and had a chance to review through it. The book contains numerous short stories of people who have used fitness to overcome obstacles and injuries. In some ways the community of Crossfit has contributed to making these goals possible.


If you have any medical condition that’s limiting your physically ability, you should definitely read the inspiring stories from the various people who have overcome their ailments. They’ll surely lift up your spirits and encourage you to think what’s possible.

Hope Rx'd Book

Hope Rx’d Book

I feel very honored to have Forrest Willet, a motivational speaker and a close friend of Jack Canfield read the stories and write a forward for the book.

Also, from reading the stories, I was reminded that life is short and shouldn’t be taken for granted. I should live life to the fullest and be grateful for the all the things I’ve done and can do. A freak accident could occur anytime and change the course of life. If a course change does happen it shouldn’t always be looked as irreversible and always fight.

Lastly, I have nothing to gain from the success of the book. At the same time, I don’t have any financial investment in the book. Please don’t buy the book thinking it will support me. I was happy to spend my time and share my thoughts. I’m glad to see my story published amongst the other inspiring stories.

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