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by Mike on July 10, 2011

After the completing the Everest Base Camp Trek, I returned to Kathmandu and surrounded by food that was unavailable to me while on the trek.

And being away from those types of food for that long, I was unable to avoid the urge and started gorging on pizzas, ice cream, and chocoalate.  I was kid in a candy shop, I couldn’t resist.

After eating everything under the sun, I felt unhealthy and really want to hit a work out, but with the lack of CF affilaites in Kathmandu and a fitness center in the hotel, I was forced to head to a local globo gym.

I received a name and directions to a local gym from my hotel conceirge desk.  If you’re in Kathmandu and you’re looking for place to hit work out, try the gym in the Jyatha district located in the Thamel area.

Front Entrance to Jyatha

The front Entrance to Jyatha in the Thamal Area

Kathmandu Gym, Thamal Area Gyam

Local Gym in Thamal Area

Now if you’re fortunate enough to stay at the Hyatt or Raddison in Kathmandu, you’re in luck.  They have a pretty decent fitness center, which is available to all guest.  Non-staying guests can also hit it at the fitness center for a fee.

One aspect of travel I find fascinating is experiencing the foreign equivalent of daily life.  For instance, doing laundry in the foreign land can be completely different to what I’m accustomed to at home.  Even if the analogous foreign task is more cumbersome, it gives me a better appreciation for home.

With this in mind, I really wanted to experience what a local gym looked like and what it had to offer.  especially in Kathmandu.  Keep in mind that Nepal is a developing nation where some(most) facilities are less than what you would expect in the Western Hemisphere.   This is totally evident upon arriving in the International airport where the facilities are a little exhausted.

The Globo Gym in Jyatha

Upon entering the globo gym, the light into the gym is provided by sky light.  Kathmandu has a serious load shedding problem, where power is not available to all parts of the city, unless the building is equipped with its own generator.   For instance, you could be sitting in your hotel room at 9 P.M. and the power could go out, forcing you to go to bed early or read a book with a head lamp.

Other Notables About the Gym:

  • The gym contains mostly free weights and some sectionalized machines.
  • There are no treadmills or stationary bicycles because that would require electricity.
  • The changing room is basically a wooden shack set off to the side.
  • The toilets are the “squat” type or the non-western flavor.
Jyatha Gym

Inside of Jyatha Gym, Note: the sky light

Jyatha Gym, Showers and Changing Rooms

Jyatha Gym, Note the Showers and Changing Rooms

Other than that, if you looking to hit a work out while staying at a hotel that does not have it’s own fitness center, this the cheapeast alternative to getting a day pass at the Hyatt or Radisson.  I would imagine, either one of the Western chain hotels would have tread mills and stationary bicycles, since it has it’s own generators to supply it’s electricity in the event the grid is unavailable.

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