Lufthansa First Class Flight

by Mike on November 2, 2013

View from the Upper deck, Lufthansa 747 First Class

View from the Upper deck

This was a flight was the first time I flew international first class. There’s a night and day difference from first class on domestic segments versus international segments.  So I thought it was quite a treat to flew upfront and on the second deck of the 747-400.

LH403 3/15/12
Depart 19:05 Arrive 7:15
Duration 7 hours

Check in Newark went pretty smoothly.  I stood in the First class line and was promptly serviced when the next agent was available ahead of any business class and economy class passengers.

The gate agent provide the boarding pass which came in a Lufthansa jacket stating First Class.  She also directed me to the lounge.

The lounge in Newark Liberty is a shared lounge for first and business class passengers.  The space is too small to serve the combined cabins.  Inside the lounge was your typical business class lounge setup with TV’s and a decent food spread.  The open rounds of the NCAA basketball games were on.

Boarding time came and I headed to the gate.  I had seat 82C which is located upper deck on the PORT side.  I proceeded to my seat when the flight attendant stopped me and warned me that my carry on may not fit.  The overhead compartments on the upper deck of a 747 are smaller due to the curvature of the fuselage.  She took my carry on and put it else where.

I found my seat and made myself comfortable.  This is the older style Lufthansa First Class seat. Since then the first class cabin on the 747 has been revamped so that each passenger has a bed and a seat.

In the older style, each first class passenger gets two seats so that they can choose the window or the aisle seat, but more importantly each passenger has individual aisle access.  I took the window seat and I think nearly every other passenger choose the window seat.  Out of the 8 possible seats, only one was left unoccupied.

As a pre-depature drink, I was offered some champagne and I kindly accepted.

Lufthansa First Class, Pre-Departure drink

Pre-Departure drink

The flight attendant then distributed amenity kits, slippers, and pajamas, which I put aside in one of the stowage bins.

Lufthansa First Class, amenity kit, pajamas, slippers

Amenity kit, pajamas, slippers

I was then presented the dinner menu.  I opted for chicken with the sesame seed glaze.

Shortly after the flight attendant took my order, the head purser greeted me.  She introduced herself and wanted to let me know if I had any problems to let her know.

Lufthansa First Class Rose


The meal service started with the hors d’oeuvres.

Lufthansa First Class, Hors' d'oeuvres

Caviar and hors d’oeuvres


Lufthansa First Class Main Dish

Main Dish, sesame seed glazed chicken

I opted for the Key Lime tart for desert

Lufthansa First Class Desert


After dinner, I changed into my pajamas and asked for the turn down service.

Lufthansa First Class Seat

My Bed

I had the flight attendant wake me for breakfast.  I opted for the simple breakfast consisting of fruit and some pastries.  I took the lighter option because I knew there would be better offerings in the First Class Terminal where they have a menu to order from, which is better than food served on the plane.

Upon deplaning, the flight attendants ensured the first class passengers from the upper deck were the first to deplane by blocking off the business class passengers until every first class passenger deplaned, otherwise I can only imagine the annoyance of fighting the crowd and the narrow stair case to deplane.

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