Mongol Rally Videos and Trip Planning

by Mike on October 14, 2014

Here’s some video footage of the Mongol Rally that other teams put together.

The first team calls themselves the Marco Pullover. They are an all American team. I had the privilege of meeting Brooke, Bassam, and Greg when our paths crossed in Istanbul.

Then there’s this video of a younger English team.

Finally, this team consisted of two guys from England. Their vehicle of choice was kit car called a “mini scamp.” It was probably one of the most unique cars to enter this year Mongol Rally, thus why they ended up doing a photo shoot with ESPN.


In a week, I fly to New Zealand via Tahiti where I’ll be spending about 8 days in Tahiti, specially Bora Bora and Moorea.

From New Zealand, I then jet off to Fiji for three weeks and then fly to the South Island of New Zealand and return to North America from Sydney.

The reason why I’m visiting Fiji before the South Island of New Zealand is because I’m flying on an award ticket and I’m using my stop over in the South Island before ending my award ticket in Sydney Australia where I pick up the return portion of my open jaw ticket from North America.


Renewing my passport

I mailed away my passport application for renewal. I choose the standard service versus the expedited service because I have a second passport. In the event my renewed passport didn’t arrive in time, I could travel using my second passport. My renewed passport was returned much quicker than I anticipated. I mailed away my passport on the 24th of Sept, my check for the application cleared on the 29th of Sept and my renewed passport was in my hands on 10 of Oct.

Renewed Passport

Renewed Passport


Just after the Christmas Holiday I’m flying to Cape Town, South Africa where I’ll ring in the New Year. From there I fly up to Johannesburg where I’ll start an overland tour north towards Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Immigrations officials at passport control want proof of the yellow fever vaccine when you’re arriving from a country with a risk of yellow fever.

Proof of Vaccination

Proof of Vaccination

With that risk apparent in certain areas of Kenya, I wanted to be safe than sorry. I’ve heard airports have clinics for yellow fever at extortionate prices and the fact I could be held up at my own cost. It was just better off to get it done here under the standardized western practices than who knows what sort of standards are followed in Kenya.

In addition, I took it upon myself to get Hepatitis A and Typhoid. The latter being a pill that’s good for 5 years. The former a shot or jab in the muscles.

Lastly, there’s some part of Southern Africa that’s considered a risk for Malaria, specially Botswana where I’ll be over landing through to arrive in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. There are parts of Tanzania and Kenya that are considered at risk for malaria. I decided to just get a prescription of Malarone for the entire duration of my time in Africa. The cost of the prescription medicine is far cheaper than a single case of malaria.

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