Real Life AT-AT Walkers?

by Mike on November 22, 2011

Remember the opening scene from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back when the AT-AT Walkers are attacking the rebel base on the ice Plant Hoth?

Well, when I was in Nepal walking around the tiny village of Sauraha near Chitwan National Park, I happened to come across a few Asian elephants and their riders walking around the village like giants.  Their slow moving strides yet massive foot reminded me of images from that very opening scene.

The visuals and sound effects to instill a sense of gargantuan size and strength in the opening scene from the fictional sci-fi movie all became real when I saw these elephants moving about.  It’s just a sight to see and a feeling that’s indescribable.


Asian Elephant in Nepal's Chitwan National Park

Elephants Roaming the village of Sauraha


Asian Elephants in Chitwan National Park

Asian Elephants roaming the paths of Chitwan National Park


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