Special Guest at the Busan Global Village

by Mike on April 7, 2014

I was pleased that my friend, Leanne who is teaching English at a hagwon(korean name for private school) in Busan was able to get me into her school as a special guest.

The plan was for me to talk about my travels to 4th and 1st graders.  I know at that age, I didn’t have much interest in traveling so I had to make it appealing.


I first started off with a basic geography lesson of Busan, Seoul, and Jeju Island.  With those cities in mind, I showed a picture of the flight path between Seoul and Jeju Island.  This is significant because this is the busiest air route in the world in terms of passenger volume, which I flew earlier in the week.

So I think any child would understand that especially if the route is within their home country.

I then proceeded with showing air routes of the places I’ve traveled.  This peaked some interest because of the long-haul flights.  The children started asking questions, specifically about Japan and Hawaii.

Whenever a child had a question, I tried to show them pictures because I think children will grasp pictures more than a wordy explanation.

I then showed some pictures of the various foods I ate on my travels.  The children were envious when I showed them my favorite food from America: an In-and-Out Burger.

I was surprised that the first graders were more attentive and eager to ask questions than the fourth graders.

1st graders

1st graders


4th graders

4th graders

4th graders

The class sizes were small – about 7 or 8 kids.  For all the children at this hagwon, it’s the second school they attend in the same day to learn English.  The curriculum taught in this school follows the same curriculum taught in Canadian schools, which explains the “International School Canada” located throughout the school.


The kids attend their regular Korean school in the morning until about 3pm and attend this hagwon until 6pm.  Needless to say, it’s a long day for all the children who are delighted to hear the words “home time” as Leanne used it as a motivator to get the kids to sit still.

At the end of my guest appearance for the 1st grade class, the first graders gave me the best souvenir ever.


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