The Beginnings of the Mongolistic Four

by Mike on June 4, 2014

Registration opened up for the Mongol Rally late 2013.  Although, I didn’t have a team, I didn’t hesitate to sign up because I figured I could get most of money back if I wanted to cancel or get another team to take my registration spot.  There were plenty of options available to hedge against any monetary loss.

Additionally, I would much rather be in the forefront of being registered and actively looking for team members and asking them to reimburse me for their share of the registration fee.


I reached out to a few travel friends who heard about the Mongol Rally and were interested in doing it.  One of them was Lauren from Lolastravel.  The blog persona doesn’t screen adventure or roughing by any means, but I asked her anyway.

Her reply wasn’t a lame let me think about it, but a yeah, let’s do it.  It also turns out Lauren’s friend, Erin wanted to do it too and she has a bit more experience roughing with trips to Africa.  So this was good news to me as I had three total team members.

I found Brandon, another American through the closed Facebook group of people searching for teammates on the Mongol Rally. After several Skype phone calls, he won the right to be called teammate.

We could have gone with 3 people, but having 4 people to split the costs would be beneficial to everyone.   This also meant we need a slight bigger car for fit 4 people and the gear.

The task of finding teammates was much easier than I anticipated.  A lot of folks wanted to jump on the opportunity to go. After all, this is touted at “the greatest adventure in the world.”  Who wouldn’t want to go?

With four of us, it breaks up the planning and logistically amongst 4 people vice 2.

For the initiated, there’s a lot of planning such as: purchasing the car(and everything related to it), planning a route, fundraising, keeping track of our spend, applying for visas, and so on.  You can think of everything before hand and do a lot of research, but there’s something you’re going to miss and improvise on the road.

The next up was securing a car…

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lola June 11, 2014 at 7:37 pm

sooooo happy i said YES!!


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