The Enterprise Rent a Car vs. Hertz

by Mike on March 19, 2014

The day began with returning the weekend rental car to Enterprise Rent a Car.  This was my third consecutive weekend taking advantage of their $9.99/day weekend rate.

I usually rent from Thursday to Monday, making it three weekend days and one weekday rate.  I find that having that one extra day on the weekday extremely convenient for running errands and such.

Another neat thing about Enterprise is that they will pick you up to bring you to their rental car facility and drop you off to where ever you need to go after you’ve returned the rental.

I never had a need for a ride because I had a bicycle or walked to where I need to go.

However, this return was different.

When I stated I stated I needed a ride, Nick, the rep from Enterprise replied, “Where do you a ride to?”  I said “Hertz”

He responded, “why don’t you keep the rental you have?”

I explained that I’m redeeming Hertz rental points for a one-way to Newark Airport and it’s costing no money aside from taxes/fees.  Nick didn’t want me to go to Hertz and replied, “don’t go to them.”

He was adamant about keeping my business despite the fact he was competing against a free rental.  I asked about the mileage limit, he said “don’t worry about it.”

I asked him if he was serious.  He was.

In the end, he managed to keep my reservation for another day for $9.99 – the same rate as the weekend special – and waive the one-way drop fee and any overage in mileages.  This was a fantastic offer.

I told him, if I could cancel my reservation and have my Hertz points re-deposited back, I would gladly take his offer.

After 5 minutes with a Hertz rep, I was good to go.

I hopped back in the rental car I had over the weekend and went about my business wrapping up loose ends before I leave for South Korea and Australia.

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