Travel Gear

Nike Dry FIt, North Face Base Camp, Julbo, Asolo TPS 520, exofficio, Mountain Hardware Agama

1. Nike Dry Fit Golf Shorts.  Although, these are golf shorts, you don’t need to rock them with golf clubs. The Dry Fit is what Nike brands as their polyester/cotton blend material.  I find these shorts practical and functional shorts for all casual occasions.  I wear them on my travels and found them very practical for the hot and humid regions.  The material wicks away moisture and breathes much more easily than cotton.  They come in ordinary khaki and dark colors.  They even come in funky colors such plaid orange if you want to go for that bold appearance.

2. The North Face Base Camp Duffel. This thing is bomb proof.  Well not exactly.  Put it this way, if I were to put a quarter barrel in this duffel and throw it around, the seams wouldn’t rip.  That’s how durable it is.  This duffel comes in a variety of sizes for different needs. I have the medium size version of this duffel and I find it ample to carry my gear for my trips.  This is my go to bag if I know I’m going to be carrying outdoor gear while I travel.  There’s no need to take a rollerboard suitcase and this duffel.  This duffel is also designed to be carried like a backpack with the two shoulder straps.

The shoulder straps by design can be used like a pair of backpack straps to carry the duffel as a backpack. It’s a pretty neat feature.


3. Julbo Dolgon Mountain Sunglasses. I bought these specifically for my Everest Base Camp Trek because they were specifically designed for mountaineers.  Even after the trip, however, I found myself using them as my everyday sunglasses. They’re a little bit darker than what you would expect from sunglasses, but not over the top.  They would be ideal for skiing or snowboarding on a clear winter day with the sun reflecting off the snow.

4. Exofficio Boxer Briefs. Their tag line says it all: 17 countries… 6 weeks… One pair of underwear. (Ok, maybe two.)

Exofficio boxer brief

What I like about these boxer briefs is the material they’re made of.  It makes them lightweight and helps wick away moisture.  They also claim to be odor resistant.  I haven’t tested that myself.  Combine these boxer briefs with the Nike Dry Fit golf shorts, you’ll be fashionable and comfortable in those hot and humid regions of the world.  Exofficio also makes different styles of boxer briefs as well as under garments for women.

5. Asolo TPS 520 GV Hiking Boots. These are the best hiking boots I’ve ever owned. The vibram soles gives incredible traction on dirt or snow.  You’ll never have a rolled ankle in these boots.  That’s because these have a rigid and high boot that doesn’t give way if you misstep on loose ground.  The upper of the boot is completely sealed making them waterproof.  These boots have kept my feet dry while trekking through a foot of snow.

The inner lining of the boots is made of Gore-Tex material so on those hot day hikes, it helps wick away sweat reducing blisters and avoids the nasty situation of putting on damp boots following a full day of hiking.

The only negative thing I have to say about these boots is that they are bit heavy, so definitely try them before you pull the trigger.

6. Mountain Hardware Agama.  This day pack was the only piece of luggage on a recent trip to Myanmar.  It’s a tad bit bigger than most normal day backs measuring at 33 liters, but it’s hardly noticeably larger.  The pack can fit up to a 17″ laptop.  The front zipper has well divided and padded compartments, which I liked considering that’s where I keep my electronics.  The hip belt is removable, which is the first thing I did when I got the pack because I rarely ever use a hip belt on day packs.

The back pack can accommodate a hydration bladder, though probably don’t want to carry a lap top because the bladder would go where the laptop pouch is.

The only thing I wish that could be better is a way to make the laptop more easily accessible when the back pack is nearly full.  I found myself have to remove whatever was at the top to remove my laptop.

This pack comes in several colors for those that want it, but I got my in plain old boring black.


I’ll be listing more useful equipment to adventure travelers. Stay tuned.