What Singapore Needs Right Now

by Mike on June 21, 2013

I like sitting around campfires during the cool summer nights rockin’ beers and shootin’ the breeze.  It’s a past time I’ll always enjoy and don’t mind the smell of smoke that comes with it.

However, when I’ in an urban metropolis like Singapore and smell a faint trace of camp fire smoke as I step outside my hotel room that’s something that concerns me.

Even worse, the smells gets more pronounced when I step outside my hotel.

Right now, there’s a blanket of smoke covering Singapore a result of forest fires emanating from Indonesia.

The current air quality index is as follows:

Air Quality in Central Singapore 2013

Air Quality in Central Singapore

There’s nothing I can do about it besides stay indoors out of concern for my own health.  Fortunately, I’m in a really swank hotel.  The hotel is even providing mask for any guests wishing to wear one.

In any case, what Singapore need is RAIN and lots of it to settle airborne sediments.

Smoke covering Singapore 2013

Smoke covering Singapore

The visibility is poor.  I really hope this does not affect my flights departing Singapore.

Updates to follow!

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