Why Couch Surfing is more than what it is

by Mike on October 7, 2012

Couch Surfing is a site lending help to budget conscious travelers by way of free accommodations.  It’s free because you’re sleeping on a couch or a guest room of a local willing to put you up for the night.  I never hosted or “surfed” on someone’s couch, but I do have an account.   For some, the idea doesn’t sound appealing while others are open to the idea.  I think I’d be more likely to “surf” than to host.

Anyway, one of the little known aspects of Couch Surfing(CS) is the ability to find local activities and meet ups via its discussion board.  I didn’t know about it until another traveler, Barbara(who I met in Hong Kong) led me to the discussion on the hiking group in Hong Kong. Thanks Barbara!

So, on my recent visit to Hong Kong, Barbara and I met up with a local, Tai to show us some hikes in Hong Kong.  I know it’s a bit odd to hike in a major metropolitan area, but there are some trails in the new territory(northeast region).  Albeit, it’s nothing like Everest

or scenic as the trails you’d find in national parks, but there are outdoor trails.

Hiking in Hong Kong

Tai and I

So CS is just more than finding budget free accommodations, it can enhance your experience in that country.  If it weren’t for Tai, Barbara and I would not have found those trails in Hong Kong even with directions as English seems to be less spoken in the rural areas.  I know that one can hike to and from Victoria Peak, but this is just a bit off the beaten path.  I’m going to leave you with some pics.

Hiking in Hong Kong, Trail markers

Trail directions

Tofu Snack along the trail, hiking in Hong Kong

Tofu Snack along the trail

FYI: I can’t even re-create how we go to these trails, but if you’re interested, send me an e-mail and I’ll put in contact with Tai.

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