WOD: Tillman (also the day I learn what a gasser is)

by Mike on February 17, 2011

7 Rounds for Time:

-7 Deadlifts (185 lbs)
-1 Full Gasser
-15 Pull Ups

Alright, there was some confusion to what a gasser was.  Coach Billie and I were deciphering the hand drawn digram on the whiteboard to determine the exact distance of a full gasser.  Given what was drawn, a rectangular box with lines drawn width wise, we thought  that box represented the floor plan of the gym and a gasser was running the width of the gym 4 times.  Why on earth would you run the width of gym four times when you can run the length of the gym twice?  It didn’t make sense.

We ultimately made a gasser as two full trips down-back the length of the gym for this WOD.  But it turns out a gasser is a running the full width of a football field 4 times or 212 yards(4 x 53, a width of a football field is 53 yards), hence the reason for the drawn rectangular box with four lines drawn 4 times width wise.  This box represented a football field not the gym!

After this, I think coach Billie and I will never forget what is gasser is.

One last note, my lower back was little hurtin’ the next day. I think my form on the dead lifts were a little off.  I’m going to write this blurb as a a reminder to take a video of myself doing dead lifts the next time a WOD calls for it.

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