WOD: Visit to Crossfit San Diego

by Mike on February 11, 2011

I had the opportunity to hit a WOD at Crossfit San Diego while I was on travel this week.  Their WOD for that day was PR’s on the snatches, but I expressed some interest in working out on my to do something a little more cardio intensive.  Since I was late to the 7 pm session, the coach suggested the following work out to get my quick cardio fix:

-4 min row for calories
-3 min pull-ups
-2 min back squat (3/4 body weight)
-1 min push press (95 lbs)


69 calories on the row
37 pull-ups
19 back squats
12 push press

Here are some pictures of the San Diego Crossfit Box

Crossfit San Diego looking at entrance

Standing along the back wall, looking towards the entrance of the box

Crossfit San Diego

Standing near the entrance looking towards the back wall

Nothing seemed noticeably  different from my previous visit less than a year ago.  However, one interesting thing I noticed along the wall with the pull up bars was a bucket full of uncooked rice.  Initially I thought it was a way to dry off the sweat on your hands when you wanted grip the pull bar, but that didn’t make sense to me because there’s a bucket full of chalk for that. So what exactly is the bucket full of rice used for?  Apparently, gymnasts and baseball coaches use it to develop fingers and strength in the wrists.

The coach running the show that day, Eric explained that the resistance of the rice is just about right to build up strength in the smaller muscles in your hand.  He went about and explained some exercises and such as doing wrist circles or waving your fingers all while your hands are submerged in this bucket full of uncooked rice.

Although, you’re probably not going to gas your self wiggling your fingers in a bucket full of uncooked rice, it’s interesting how two simple things can be used for strength training.

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